Sessa F 54

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Design that moves in the space between art and inspiration. A tried and tested large-scale product where elegance and practicality are right at home. The concept of Flying is a revolutionary one thanks to new solutions, fluid lines, playful lighting, attention to detail, a homey environment The upper deck, perfectly integrated into the boat profile, represents the focal point of life on board thanks to its spaciousness and carefully chosen furnishings. Inside, the rare overtones create a warm atmosphere with a domestic feel.





15.07 Mts. / 16.36 M
4.70 Mts.
22.000 Kgrs.
2x 700HP VOLVO IPS 9
34 Knts.
26 Knts.
2x 1000 Lts.
566 Lts.
60 Lts.
130 Lts.